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The promise was an enchanted weekend. The outcome was murder.


FBI profiler, Alexandra Briggs, craves peace. Her last investigation put her in the cross hairs of a serial killer. Now on a forced sabbatical to deal with her trauma, all she wants is to escape and unplug. 


When Alex’s cousin, Shelby, wins two tickets to Enchanted Weekend, an ultra-exclusive dating event at the Juniper Resort and Spa in the middle of the remote, Arizona desert, Alex knows being Shelby’s plus-one comes with obligations. Shelby is brilliant, but when it comes to love, she needs protection from herself.


Worse, the weekend’s shallow dating pool seems to be embodied by Henry Collins, the resort’s emcee.  Henry represents everything Alex despises - intoxicating chocolate brown eyes that penetrate straight to the soul, and a dimpled smile that promises true love, but only leads to heartache.


A dead body floating in the pool derails everyone’s plans and thrusts Alex back into another investigation. She barely survived the last one. Mysteries unfold as Alex learns Henry isn’t who he seems, Shelby is keeping dangerous secrets, and a murderer feels threatened by her investigation. 


Will Alex survive long enough to solve the mystery? Will Henry succeed in breaking down the walls that keep Alex safe, but alone?


As a violent monsoon rushes across the desert, Alex faces the grim truth - she is trapped with a murderer, and the danger is far from over.



Christmas . . . it’s the most magical time of the year. Until someone is murdered.


Dr. Alexandra Briggs is back at work after her forced sabbatical from her position as a profiler with the Phoenix office of the FBI, and her first big case brings her and Special Agent Henry Collins to the snowy mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona.


The case is complicated and the deadlines are pressing. Henry’s recent transfer to the Phoenix only adds to Alex’s stress and uncertainty. The walls that keep Alex safe from hurt are threatened by Henry’s move. When her cousin Shelby shows up at the crime scene looking for a fun ski weekend away, Alex is worried the juggling act of work and her personal life will be too much. Especially when Shelby sets her sights on the handsome Flagstaff Police Detective, Ryan Cooper.


While the weather, decorations, and ever-present mistletoe promise a cozy holiday season, Alex and Henry race against the clock to find the individual or team who has been robbing banks across the southwest. The profile suggests professionals—clean hits, little to no evidence left behind. 


Until Flagstaff. 


With the bank manager found dead in his office, the profile is changing. Can Alex find an answer before someone else is hurt?


Hostage in the Desert

Dr. Alexandra Briggs isn’t supposed to face danger in her job as a profiler for the FBI, but time and time again she finds herself in the field, facing dangers of all kinds. Special Agent Henry Collins, Alex’s boyfriend, is intent on teaching her to defend herself despite their supervisor’s belief that she doesn’t need combat training.

When Henry is assigned a case that appears to be open and shut, all evidence points to the hired help of a wealthy, Phoenix socialite who was found viciously murdered in her home on Camelback Mountain. 

Will Alex’s training with Henry be enough when that suspect decides Alex is his only hope to clear his name? Held hostage in her own home, she’s either sitting across from an innocent man or a murderer, but whatever the truth is, one thing is obvious—he’s desperate, which is the most dangerous thing of all.


Hunted in the Desert

A prison escape. 

A serial killer with one obsession—the woman who put him there.

Just one year ago the sociopathic Cactus Killer terrorized the Phoenix area. Women were afraid to be out after dark. Applications for gun permits skyrocket. Self-defense classes were full. Then a young woman was found dead in her home, the word Enchanting carved into her skin like all the others. Now no where was safe. 

As the FBI scrambled to stop the killing spree, profiler Dr. Alex Briggs, caught the attention of the most dangerous killer she'd ever studied. A cat and mouse game lured Alex closer and closer until she was caught in the snare the Cactus Killer had so carefully set.

Her harrowing escape sent the Cactus Killer to prison for the rest of his life, but left Alex scarred psychologically. Recovery wasn't easy, but Alex fought through the trauma more determined than ever to excel at her job - the very job that brought Special Agent Henry Collins into her life.

Now all of that is threatened. Henry and Alex will have to fight for their happily ever after in the explosive finale to the In the Desert Series.

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