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Psychologist, Stella Wright, is still adjusting to her new job as the Coordinator of Ethical Business Practices at Pine and Associates, a high powered Manhattan Law Firm.  While her co-workers warn her to stay off the radar of the mercurial head of the firm, Jonah Pine, Stella is drawn to his son, Nathan, in a way she can't control and didn't expect.

Stella's world explodes into chaos when the senior Mr. Pine sees her presence as a threat to the illegal dealings that fund not only his bank account but his ego as well. When a security guard at the firm sprays a strange mist at Stella, she ducks instinctively, watching in horror as the guard barreling up behind her drops to the floor dead. Now running for her life, Stella doesn't know who to trust.


Nathan, the man she has dreamed about from afar for months, rescues her from certain danger as the guards at the firm hunt her. As he spirits her from the city, she's left with more questions than answers: why does Mr. Pine want her dead, what exactly is happening in the off-limit lower levels of the firm, and what should she do about her growing feelings for Nathan, who defied his father to save her?

But Stella isn’t satisfied to just sit back and wait to be rescued.  She got herself into this mess, and she’ll face any danger, any threat, to get herself out of it.

Saving Stella is under contract with a literary agent and we're searching for a publisher!

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