Stretched to the Limit - Coming Soon!

Jessica Stevens loves the small town she grew up in.  The people are kind, loyal, and hardworking.  They also love to meddle in her love life.  

Okay, maybe she doesn’t love that part.  

Jess knows two things to be true: she needs to get over her crush on her best friend, Chris Crawford, because he’s never going to see her as more than a friend, and the new police detective in town, Finn Butler, is getting under her skin in a way she didn’t anticipate and will deny if asked. 

When Jess stumbles on a dead body and all evidence points to Chris, she’ll risk everything to prove Chris’s innocence. As the risk to her life grows, so does the risk to her heart.  Solving a murder is complicated enough, but navigating her own love life might be the thing that does Jess in.

Buried in Barbells

I'm having so much fun crafting this new story for Jess, Finn, Chris, and all the residents of Star Junction. Check back for updates as the project progresses!

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